Hello! This is FreeDroidRPG's progress report for March and April 2017!

Happy work day! To celebrate that special date, we worked! No, it's not April fool, we're already on may! Check out what we did!

  • Oh noes! Jesusalva went with an army of 999 bots to inspect Spencer and confiscated the Electro Laser Rifle for violating safety rules! But Spencer said to not worry, because he already provided a cannon to replace it! Our developers tested it, just check what they said:
    • “Someone help me! I can't stop shooting! AAAAAAAHHH!!”
    • “Aiming? Why, when your weapon shoots THAT fast?! Uh oh, I ran out of ammo...”
    • “The fastest gun on the west. I only lost once, against a guy with Exterminators.”

Because that change, some NPCs got mad and promised that they would switch to rebel faction.

  • HF workers decided to paint some more groundmarkers, because they often ended up on the wrong side of the factory.
  • Some bugs concerning dialog nodes were fixed. Thanks, CQ!
  • Modders life got really easier, because fluzz implemented a whole act structure and even lualized quests file. Jesusalva added docs about using multiple acts in the developer section of the website.
  • When starting an act, a transient message box will be displayed. This affects act 1, too.
  • Jesusalva also went to inspect Tamara, and increased a certain book price. He was called by the Bombmaker, after several complaints of how he wasn't being able to sell his wonderful bombs...
  • can-ned_food remotely hacked one of the MegaSys terminals, and replaced its GNU OS with a proprietary one. All hail non-free software!
  • can-ned_food, along with Jesusalva and Scott Furry, added more descriptions for some items and even fixed a few typos.
  • Jesusalva and RazorSharpFang decided to help all melee fighters on this game. You can now even get expertise on melee, use Light Saber with a shield, and various tweaks for you who like to smash things, like us.
  • Of course, programmers weren't forgotten! They can also improve their skill up to the expert level - but, you surely didn't know that the teacher also offers a special skill for hacking, did you?
  • Agent Zero ordered that the bots guarding strategic positions on MS installations should have their armor reinforced.
  • Fluzz worked hard and now some events will trigger only once. They can even be enabled and disabled from dialogs!
  • Jesusalva also took the chance to inspect HF Office, but this time it was for players benefit! He ordered that all traps should be deactivated after you step on them: No more infinite bot spawn!
  • Finally, some ugly issues with menus on low resolutions were fixed. You can now play FreedroidRPG without worries as long that your resolution is at minimum 640x480.
  • Various bugs and typos were squashed, but this list is already too long to mention them. Thanks everyone who reported them, and who did a patch!

And for the ones messing with source code, dynarrays are gradually gaining space on FreedroidRPG.

We'd also like to thank all contributors whose names weren't mentioned here. This game is done by the work of many people, without them this project would not be possible.

Any help and feedback is greatly appreciated. You may even find your name on this list on the future, so what you're waiting for? Join us!

You can also help by translating the game, or by filling a bug or feature request, and if you want to do things by yourself, you can try posting a patch on our ReviewBoard.

-The FreedroidRPG Team