Hello! This is FreeDroidRPG's progress report for January and February 2017!

It's carnival! Bots have given a break to the devs for some unknown reason. We believe they are plotting something! A few interesting things happened while we reloaded our rifles to get ready for the next wave, check out!

  • Chandra finally had time to browse on Freedroid website and he is now able to inform Tux about a few... curious facts.
  • We reworked the rendering of some menus! From header position to highlight, we hope they look and feel better now!
  • After hearing countless complaints about how Master Arena was weak, the Red Guard leader gave order to do some... experiments... on the droids. The master arena now provides its own challenge, far different from the ones on standard arena.
  • Dixon, Mike and Richard were repeating themselves when explaining about droids. Jesusaves made sure that won't happen again.
  • DroidBotAI came into our bar yesterday. He claims to be coming from another continent with sentient bots in dire need of addons. Weird, uh?
  • A few more people outside the town will finally notice that the apocalypse is over! Maybe if they accompanied our news feed they wouldn't take so much time to learn it.
  • Jennifer will now give you a small reward for finding her toolkit. She wanted to do a little more but the developers were too busy reloading their Exterminator clips...
  • A bug which led to some dialog lines not being displayed when talking to the HF Defense Structure Leader was fixed.
  • And we must say that thanks to fluzz endless efforts, FreedroidRPG is almost ready to receive the Act expansion! What is that? Secret, stay tuned for next updates...
  • not only that, but various bugs and warnings were squashed. Thanks for everyone who reported them, and for everyone who did a patch!

We'd also like to thank all contributors whose names weren't mentioned here. This game is done by the work of many people which without them this game wouldn't be possible.

Now, break is over, the bots will resume their attack soon! There is no time to lose! Please consider helping us by translating the game, or, if you find a bug and/or want to propose something, consider filling a bug or feature request. And if you want to do things by yourself try posting a patch on our ReviewBoard. You can also contact us anytime you want. Join our ranks, and you may even find your name on this list in the future!

To make this the best game possible, any help and feedback is appreciated!

-The FreedroidRPG Team