Hello! This is FreeDroidRPG's progress report for May and June 2017!

Ah, vacations, finally! Or, to most of us, this means last-minute work! Anyway, we still managed to do some things for FreedroidRPG! Check them out!

  • Thanks to Montyms and Fluzz, music after credits (or any title) is now fixed!
  • Almost every NPC ingame will know when you propagate a faulty firmware upgrade!
  • Thanks to Jesusalva (and possibly a hack!), when buying equipment at Red Guard, the ammo will be sold separately! This means it'll be easier to reload your guns!
  • You are now capable to build the game even without gettext installed. This is all due to fluzz's endless efforts!
  • Fluzz also did various optimizations and code changes.
  • Xenux came by, and programmed a terminal so you can withdraw from Arena!
  • Grammar fixes.
  • Fix bugs on dialogs.
  • We fixed even more bugs! (how did they got in, anyway?)

We'd also like to thank all contributors whose names weren't mentioned here. This game is done by the work of many people, without them this project would not be possible.

Any help and feedback is greatly appreciated. You may even find your name on this list on the future, so what you're waiting for? Contact us to make this game even greater!

You can also help by translating the game, or by filling a bug or feature request, and if you want to do things by yourself, you can try posting a patch on our ReviewBoard. Who knows? Your name might be on this list on the future!

-The FreedroidRPG Team