FreedroidRPG 1.0

Sun Jan 22 2023

FreedroidRPG 1.0 is out! We are proud to announce the biggest FreedroidRPG release yet.

This version has been in the making for 7 years and contains many changes and improvements, representing the work of many contributors.

Source tarball, AppImages, Windows and MacOSX installers are available on

We are also now on Steam! You can obtain a copy from there if you prefer.

Keep in mind that starting with 1.0, we no longer make win-i686 builds. Also note that our Git repository is now on Codeberg.

Here is a quick list of some major changes from 0.16.1 you're likely to notice:

  • The game is now structured in acts. FreedroidRPG 1.0 has the Act 1 complete. You can, however, use the act system to create mods: Express your creativity!
  • A preview of Act 2 was also included in FreedroidRPG 1.0. The adventure must continue.
  • More sound effects and music were added, for an overall more immersive experience. Did we mention this includes voice acting in major title screens?
  • More information about the game's world is now available from the NPCs.
  • Master Arena was redesigned.
  • The order in which you acquire skills has changed.
  • Duncan now sells bigger grenades to Red Guard members.
  • Fonts were changed and improved.
  • New quests were added.
  • Spencer now gives different rewards for completing the Disruptor Shield Base, depending on your play style.
  • Programming and Melee can now be mastered.
  • Some areas are now protected by BOSS - Bots Of Special Shock. They are more powerful then regular bots.
  • Right Click will now also cancel an ongoing attack.
  • Minor level editor improvements.
  • Quest log can now be scrolled with arrow keys.
  • Lua sandboxing was added.
  • Countless fixes and improvements, of which there are simply too many to enumerate.

Note that this version breaks compatibility with older savegames.

The completion of 1.0 milestone does not mark the end of FreedroidRPG development. 1.0 however wraps up the First Act. While changes to Act 1 may happen, you should no longer be required to restart it in order to play next releases.

Check out our translations on FreedroidRPG's page on Transifex,

Show us a bug you found in the wild,

Try to write a fix yourself,

Or just come and talk to us!

We want to thank everyone who helped the game, and without them this project would not be possible. Don't let the bots catch you!

-The FreedroidRPG Team

Switch to Codeberg & 1.0 RC3

Mon Nov 14 2022

FreedroidRPG 1.0 RC3 is out!

After three years, we are excited to present the third and hopefully last release candidate for FreedroidRPG 1.0, which can be downloaded from our website. In other words, the Source tarball, Windows and MacOSX installers are available on

We also now provide AppImages, which are portable builds for Linux you may use if you have fuse installed. RC3 also provides translation updates, tweaks, and fixes. Several finishing touches were also added, such as:

  • You can now scroll the quest log with up/down arrow keys
  • Several tweaks were done to prevent overlap between text and numbers
  • More sound effects were added by pekpek
  • A new soundtrack, which can be heard in Act 2 Factory, also by pekpek.

If you had previously cloned our repository, you should update your remotes to Codeberg. We have decided to stop using GitLab in light of their recent changes. We'll keep GitLab as a read-only mirror for a while, and you may still submit patches directly at our Review Board.

We are also coming soon on Steam: Wishlist the game if you want to do so.

Keep in mind that FreedroidRPG does NOT support savegame sharing. Downloading a savegame from the internet may expose you to malware and viruses. Please treat a foreign savegame as you would treat any other program obtained from the internet, and exert caution.

We want to take this opportunity and call out to testers and translators - we need your help to make the game as polished as possible! Perhaps there are bugs to be found, or translations in need of proofreading by as many eyes as possible. Check out our translations on FreedroidRPG's page on Transifex, show us a bug you found in the wild, try to fix a bug yourself, or just come and talk to us! To make this the best release possible, any help and feedback is appreciated!

We want to thank everyone who helped the game, and without them this project would not be possible. Even a playtest counts!

-The FreedroidRPG Team

Moving from Freenode to Libera Chat

Thu May 20 2021

As of today, we have moved our IRC channel from Freenode to Libera Chat.

This decision was done both in respect with the former Freenode's Staff, as well as to follow our infrastructure provider (OSUOSL), whom also has decided to switch.

You can find us online on IRC: server:, channel: #freedroid

Come visit us, and don't let the bots get to you!

  • The FreedroidRPG Team

Happy new year!

Fri Jan 01 2021

Hello every human, linarian, and even bots whom are lurking around! We came here to wish a happy new year for all of you!

The Universal Fraternization Day, which is celebrated every January 1st, was established during the apex of the cold wars, to promote peace and happiness across the nations.

The first year in which it was celebrated, 1968, was also the year of the Vietnam War, the murder of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. There was every reason to say it was a failure. But even so, the date was celebrated the year after.

This year will be no different. We can say several things did not went so well in the past year. We have not yet been able to release FreedroidRPG 1.0 as originally planned. However, this has never stopped mankind from dreaming of better days to come, and the ideals of peace

Nor shall it stop us from going forward.

Sincerely, The FreedroidRPG Team

Goodbye, Jozef

Sat Sep 14 2019

It saddens us to hear about the loss of Józef Kucia. His passing away was announced by CodeWeavers recently.

Józef Kucia was a former developer of this game, who joined us during Google Summer Of Code 2011. It was obvious from the start that he was a very skilled person; and he became a graphics programming expert in short order. We have fond memories of his work and dedication.

Words cannot express the sadness we feel at this news. Józef Kucia will always be remembered for the brilliant person he was, and for the contributions he did to the open source gaming community.

May he rest in peace. FreedroidRPG Team