This is FreeDroidRPG's progress report for January and February 2018.

Here is a short summary of all changes introduced in these two months.

  • Correct bug about teleport anchor not being initialized. Credits goes to Fluzz.
  • Make Butch more consistent and move him. Redesign the Master Arena, but be warned, this might be the last release where it exists as it is currently. Credits goes to Xenux.
  • Fix a typo at Butch, at Dixon, Samson, and fix a crash because missing map label. Also, optimize waypoint routes at level 59. Thanks to Sydney. (How Jesusalva added so many typos and bugs?!)
  • Rework Open Sesame quest so it closes properly.
  • Many typo fixes, and some dialogs sightly changed.
  • Add some items to Karol's shop, nothing you can't find in the town.

IMPORTANT: With these changes, Game Storyline & Content Depto. finished all the ToDo lists and is NOT pushing new patches until release. The sole exception is Act 2, which is already complete but because a code bug, could not be pushed to master. (It was playtested, no worries!)

If you noticed any bug when playing, or want to request a feature, consider filling a bug or feature request. You can also Contact us. Patches can be sent at Review Board but most likely won't make it for next release.

We want to thank everyone who helped the game, and without them this project would not be possible. Even a playtest counts!

-The FreedroidRPG Team