Merry Christmas! This is FreeDroidRPG's progress report for November and December 2017!

Ah, the end-year holidays are a great time to develop stuff... or to do more work! With the leader of code depto. busy since the time begin, no code changes were committed - this include the bugfix for broken teleport and other minor things which can all be found at our Review Board. You should give a look at it, you won't find only nice patches waiting to be tested, but you can submit your own! Who knows, your name may be on this list next time!

Anyway, the storyline & content depto. did have free time, and with help from some contributors which appeared at our IRC Channel, here are some changes we've done during these two months!

  • Some item descriptions were changed, and other items were rebalanced. Most of the rebalances were done thinking at Act 2, but they provide a more linear increase in weapon power as game progresses. Jesusalva is the one to blame for your favorite weapon being different from what you last remember it.
  • Fix a bug which allowed you to receive Iris' reward twice.
  • For sake of consistency, Ewald will only give you water to drink if you are carrying a mug or a cup with yourself. You will also only receive the starting mug when you talk to Ewald for the first time - it is not at the chest anymore. Please save our environment by not using discard-able items. Bringing your own eating kit is mandatory!
  • Easter Egg added. Only cheaters will find it.
  • An inconsistency introduced at Bender dialog was fixed: He will no more claim to be guarding a gate with a 614 when he is in the middle of the town. He does not go to said gate for at least four years!
  • Thanks to Robin Gareus hasty report, you shouldn't be struck without access to the Mini Factory anymore. If you are, however, please do report.
  • Jesusaves was once again polishing the weapon you receive for clearing the DSB. After discussing with the contributors who were online at the IRC channel, you can now influence the selection. Four weapons can be obtained in total. Please note that the new savegame filter is not done (yet).
  • Thanks to Robin Gareus, Erin was rebalanced and a minor rewording was done.
  • The Singularity was not aware of the Firmware Update. But as Appoox pointed out, there were MS droids in the tunnels, so, the Singularity will now notice their deaths.

If you noticed any bug when playing, or want to request a feature, consider filling a bug or feature request. You can also Contact us.

This game is done by the work of many people, and without them this project would not be possible.

-The FreedroidRPG Team