Hello, this is FreeDroidRPG's progress report for May and June! The most notable event that happened throughout this time period is that long-time project manager Arthur Huillet has officially left the position after nearly 8 years of leading the team and the game to the successful state they are in today. We thank Arthur for all those years of guidance and vast improvements, both to the game and to those who worked on it, and wish him all the best in all his future endeavors. It is unanimous among the team that the project simply will not be the same without him (the average developer age, for one); we can almost imagine the game itself protesting, trying to keep the memory of Arthur inside of it...

But, well, other things also happened! Here's a short list of the highlights:

  • Xenux has worked to improve the game engine through converting various modules into Lua in order to make them more accessible to content creators. This includes events that are triggered when obstacles are interacted with by the player, reworking the item specifications and refactoring skills.
  • Another variation of animated water has been added, as well as sand floor edges that will replace the current static water-and-dirt tiles, utilizing floor layers. Thanks to Infrared.
  • An exploit was fixed that allowed finishing the dilithium quest without collecting sufficient crystals, by Matthias Krüger.
  • Obstacles are now selected by their name rather than by a number assigned to them by the game, making it easier to add and manage obstacles for contributors and making the code a little more sane. By Xenux.
  • The player now receives a proper explanation about the Red Guard escort in the town. Thanks to Xenux and Matthias Krüger.
  • Eino Keskitalo detected and fixed a documentation error where the package libjpeg-dev wasn't included in the dependencies for Ubuntu.
  • Many small improvements to various areas of the game world as well as dialogs and scripting, by Matthias Krüger and Xenux.

In total, 78 changes were committed in May and June.

Once again we wish to thank everyone who contributed, and ask anyone who wants to improve the game with anything from an idea through a patch to a typo fix to contact us, visit the bug tracker, or try your hand at fixing things in a patch. You may even find your name in this list some day!

-The FreeDroidRPG Team