Hello, this is FreedroidRPG's first progress report for the year 2013! The team is continuing work on the expansion of the game, and is looking for feedback about the game's playability from users. These are some of the changes that opened the year:

  • fluzz implemented animated floor tiles; the first use for these is moving water, which can be found in the town for now.
  • Various new versions of the droid nest have been implemented by Matthias Krüger. A variety of things can happen around these primed droid service stations...
  • The autogun turret droid now uses its own model, set into the ground, by Infrared.
  • Jann Horn optimized parts of the game engine, increasing its overall performance and speed.
  • Matthias Krüger worked to improve the functionality of the various tests that ensure the integrity of the various aspects of the game.
  • Many new lua functions have been implemented that allow greater flexibility and more complex scripting of events through dialogs and event triggers, for example in finishing quests through map labels and creating traps. Tread carefully! Thanks to Matthias Krüger, Arthur Huillet and Xenux.
  • Many levels were tweaked to make the game world more immersive and expansive, as well as better utilize new features, thanks to Matthias Krüger.

As always, we wish to thank every contributor and encourage anyone with an idea, question, or a bug report or fix, to contact us, visit our bug & feature request tracker, or submit a patch to fix your favorite issue in the game. Who knows, you might find your name in this list in the future!

-The FreeDroidRPG Team