About Player Guides

These guides were automatically generated and contain SPOILERS.
Unfortunately, game and website evolved too much since Freedroid's PGPG was last released by Scottfurry. Support for those guides may be entirely removed in the future, and you may find broken links.

However, they should still aid contributors and players who got struck somewhere in the game. Of course, a player should never get struck on the game, so if for any reason you are, be sure to tell us, so we may improve the game!

Available guides:

  • Droid Guide: Characteristics of the droids that can be met in the game.
  • Items Guide: Characteristics of the items (weapons, ammunition, shield, armor) available in game.
  • Map Guide: Description of the subparts (levels) of the map.
  • NPC Guide: Characteristics of all the Non Player Character that could be met.
  • Quest Guide: Description of the quests to fulfill to advance in the game.

  • Walkthroughs: Are you struck somewhere? Do not fret. Use the walkthroughs!