We need to warn you that this ToDo list is not final. You don't need to stop yourself from doing something you want because this ToDo list says it's for a later release. This is only for reference purposes. So it's usually outdated. Details about most of the tasks are on our bug tracker, which contains bug reports and requests for enhancements. Do not hesitate to pick a task there too. (Please note that picked up tasks can already be at the Review Board).

See the Open Jobs page for larger projects which may not be being worked on at the moment. Priorities are set based on this survey.

We have a special section for post-Act 1 development. If you are interested, enter in contact with us via IRC. Your help is appreciated.

Since April 2017, Roadmap structure changed to be more efficient.

Release 17 Roadmap

  • Translations file separated in acts (and general translation updates)
  • Second Act Review Request 1979
  • Do not call dirname(argv[0]) Review Request 2383
  • valgrind errors and memory leaks. clang-analyze and related.

Release 18 Roadmap

Important: Not everything here is ready to go. If you think something is not worth pursuing, please move to further-release section

Game Core and Code Department

Team Leader: fluzz

Core&Code: Critical

  • Critical tasks must be completed no matter what before next release. They are ordered from easiest to hardest. (Some are here because storyline roadmap)
  • Support variables which are persistent between acts (can have special syntax, eg. Tux:set_persistent('joined_red_guard', true) and Tux:get_persistent('joined_red_guard'))
    • Useful but impractical: Allow different title screens after an act end (depending on result)
  • Don't make AfterTakeover the default dialog (bother Appoox) Review Request 1831Review Request 1483Review Request 1481

Core&Code: Trivial

  • Trivial tasks where widely tested and reviewed, and only requires an ACK. Currently, the tasks here need to be checked if they are still active problems.
  • Is Keypad broken? Review Request 2314
  • Can you drop gun while reloading? Review Request 2101
  • Are key-trigger event pumps a problem? Review Request 2123
  • Are you being charged incorrectly when installing addons? Review Request 1546

Core&Code: Bugs

Core&Code: Features

Game Content and Story Department

Team Leader: jesusalva

Graphics & Audio Department

Team Leader: infrared

  • Black version from RG uniform for rebels
  • Spencer's Uniform

Next Release(s) Preview Roadmap

This is just a draft used mostly to keep postponed issues. Some may take too much time before being born on the game.

Game Core and Code Department

Game Content and Story Department

Graphics & Audio Department

Other RoadMaps and/or ToDo's

Translations Progress: Roadmap on Transifex
Storyline Act 2: Roadmap here.
Website: Only one task requires special attention.

General, less relevant or difficult

  • Make error messages finding missing/broken files within storyline folder more useful. Currently they write "data/storyline/$ACT" which is not very helpful without knowing, for example, on which Act it was.
  • Unfreeze tux if bot being repaired is destroyed Issue 561
  • World Map Screen (very difficult to do) Issue 346 Review Request 2267
  • doors drawn over tux (minor and very difficult to fix, doable with Z buffer in openGL mode)
  • use the new glue system to improve colldet and lighting performance
  • OpenGL performance improvements (multiple patches on Review Board)
  • Inventory Automatic Optimization Issue 925
  • Several bug tracker bugs Issue 918 (there are other complains too)

A list of specific points that could be enhanced is available here.