Setting game version number

Package versioning and In game display

In change

AC_INIT(freedroidRPG, 0.14rc1)

The "testing version" warning popup message is added automatically for builds with "rc" in the name.

Todo: Figure out if... Possible to make a version string that automatically updates svn version? AC_INIT(freedroidRPG, 0.11rc1 svn961 )? Other projects, eg ufoai, has this. Convenient for bug reports.


Do not forget to update the version number and the names in map/titles/Credits.title.

Updating changelogs

Update Changelog. LC_ALL=C svn log HEAD:rXXXX > ChangeLog

Creating the packages

Before starting:

  • Get a clean checkout (save a tarball of it for later)
  • autogen - configure
  • Run valgrind --tool=memcheck to check for uninitialized data being used and so on

Linux source tarball

  1. Do a new fresh checkout (so old cruft in your own version isn't included) git clone git:// freedroid-code
  2. cd freedroid-clean
  3. ./
  4. ./configure
  5. make dist-gzip
  6. Verify that the created tar works (unpack && ./configure && make) and game runs from src/ folder.
  7. Also verify that make install works and installed game runs. (sudo make install, run it, sudo make uninstall)
  8. Check 6-7 also with user folder deleted.
  9. Check that Mapediting (load/change/save) works.

Windows .zip

  1. Build the Win32 .exe file using a cross compiler, place it in src/
  2. make dist-win32 will prepare the package in a subfolder
  3. Add all needed DLLs to the folder
  4. Compress the folder into a zip.
  5. Verify it extracts & runs properly.

Windows Self Extracting Archive

Get Cygal to do his SEA under Windows (that adds desktop links etc)

or, for more plain versions
1-4) As above, then

for SE zip:

for 7z:
5) 7za a -sfx freedroidrpg-0.11rc1-win32.exe freedroidrpg-0.11rc1-win32
6) Verify it extracts & runs properly.

Advantage over zip: No risk of user using broken unziptool, about 5% smaller Disadvantage: Some people don't like .exe packages


Linux .deb package

Putting the files online

SourceForge File Release System (FRS) files for download

/home/frs/project/f/fr/freedroid from the shell server.

rsync -avP freedroidrpg-0.15.tar.gz ahuillet,

Login to your account on with your browser.
Go to the freedroid project.
In the ADMIN tab select "File Releases"

Announcing the release

FRS people monitoring this package

Put a marker in the box to mail these people

Mailing list

Send out a mail


Put up a news item on the front/news page

News item on SF

  1. Login to your account on with your browser.
  2. Go to the freedroid project.
  3. In the ADMIN tab select "News"
  4. Press submit
  5. Write the new entry