The FreedroidRPG team is proud to announce the first release candidate for version 1.0! This version has been in the making for several years and contains many changes and improvements, representing the work of many contributors.

Source tarball, Windows and MacOSX installers are available on

Our Git repository is on GitLab.

Here is a quick list of some major changes from 0.16.1 you're likely to notice:

  • Fonts were changed! Previous ones had missing glyphs. The new ones have the Unicode at their side, for all languages on Transifex.
  • We changed the directory structure, to make development easier.
  • More skills were added, and the order on which you can buy them was changed - Tamara will periodically restock the library after major game events!
  • Also, minor changes were done to help with immersion. Like a new sound effect, and voiced title screens. Do you remember the opening text? Dvorak now got a voice.
  • Duncan will sell his full arsenal to Red Guard members.
  • You can know learn about all droid class - ever wondered what those pesky 800's droids were used for? Well, now this info is available for you!
  • Master arena was redesigned one last time. It may not be there for next release, as Xenux works on even better challenges.
  • A new quest is available. Where? Only the shores know this secret.
  • Spencer won't give the Electro Laser Rifle anymore. After all, who said you are using a gun? Depending on your choices, he'll give you a different weapon!
  • Master programming and melee fighting - who needs guns, when you have brain and fists, after all?
  • Some boss-grade bots were added ingame. Be careful out there, it is a dangerous world.
  • You can cancel an ongoing attack by right-clicking on the screen. Let's not waste ammo on small fry.
  • Level editor, when zoomed out, will be easier to see, as the object labels will be omitted.
  • And we finally finished act 1. A preview about what is to come past the 1.0 landmark is available - have fun in this new area, with challenges and optional boss - exactly what a post-game player would want.
  • Countless annoying bugs were squished and shiny tweaks were squeaked.

Note that this version breaks compatibility with older savegames. Specifically, new or modified map elements will not be available when playing with savegames from 0.16.1, and this may cause a crash when the game goes looking for them. To make the most of the current state of the game, please start a new character.

We want to take this opportunity and call out to testers and translators - we need your help to make the game as polished as possible! Bugs need to be found, and translations need to be proofread by as many eyes as possible. Check out our translations on FreedroidRPG's page on Transifex, show us a bug you found in the wild, try to write a bug yourself, or just come and talk to us! To make this the best release possible, any help and feedback is appreciated!

-The FreedroidRPG Team