Hello! This is FreeDroidRPG's progress report for September and October 2017!

With all developers busy with real life, and a real shortage of contributors, the game did not progress much in the past two months, but this doesn't mean that nobody was able to snatch away from work for a few minutes and do something for FreedroidRPG. While the list is not that big, the game did change, check out!

  • Terminals dating was corrected.
    • Previously, we relied on system time to generate the date which would be displayed on the terminals. Well, not anymore! Now, the time and the day are the ingame time! Yes, the one which appears on your HUD! We hope to provide more immersion this way.
  • Some Red Guard Members reacts to Exterminators.
    • You got that big gun, is using it, and no one notices? Well, not anymore! Thanks to Jesusalva, Spencer and some other characters will react differently when seeing that you are armed with it. Which ones? When? How? Oh well. I do not want to spoil the surprise! You'll have to get your own (Super) Exterminator to figure it out!

Meanwhile, on review board, Act 2 finally reached alpha stage. It took longer than expected, specially with so few contributors and testers, but it nonetheless reached this important milestone. This doesn't mean that Act 2 will be merged anytime soon in master branch, but it's closer than it was before.

You can also submit a patch! Who knows, your name may be on this list next time!

If you noticed any bug when playing, or want to request a feature, consider filling a bug or feature request. You can also Contact us - humans, and even linarians are welcome! ...We pass on the bots, though.

This game is done by the work of many people, and without them this project would not be possible.

-The FreedroidRPG Team