Hello, and welcome to FreeDroidRPG's progress report for September and October of 2016!

From Halloween to All Hallow Eve. On the past two months, we've been hunting performance ghosts to improve the game speed. Many changes were done on OpenGL mode, we'll list some technical improvements below:

  • Thanks to ahuillet, you should notice a significant performance rate improvement when running on OpenGL mode.
  • Thanks to ahuillet, FreedroidRPG will use better NVIDIA features.
  • GLEW (>= 1.6) is now a dependency of FreedroidRPG.
  • Thanks to Gregory Lozet, code indentations and memory-leaks were fixed.
  • Thanks to ahuillet, a potential bug which could provoke health bars to be drawn before obstacles was squished.
  • Thanks to Fluzz, an important bug which skipped titles when compiling without sound support or running on silent mode was fixed.
  • Thanks to Fluzz, fewer problems will show up on level editor when doing various actions. We're constantly working to make our Level Editor a good tool so everyone can contribute with new maps.

A game is not done only of performance improvements, but of content and dialogs improvement too. Of course the game content department didn't cross its arms. With the help of contributors regardless of their coding abilities, these are the changes on those two months:

  • Thanks to can-ned food, some typos were corrected and new funny names for hacked droids are now available.
  • Thanks to skangas, “multiplicity” was renamed to “amount” on the HUD, improving the English on our game.
  • Thanks to Jesusaves, skills were totally rebalanced ingame. Skills were divided in three groups based on their power level, which are unlocked as player progress on the story. Some skills had costs and power redone for a better gaming experience. You'll also be able to buy a new kind of source book when the last group is unlocked.

And we are almost done with the special content which was promised a few months ago. As we know you're eager to know when this special content comes out, Fluzz added a RSS Atom feature to the website. You're now able to accompany our game progress on the way which is more convenient for you!

We'd also like to thank all contributors whose names weren't mentioned here. This game is done by the work of many people which without them this game wouldn't be possible.

However, not all ghostly bugs and typos were found yet. If you want to join our bug hunt, or want to contribute to this project, you have many options: multiple ways to contact us, a handy bug and feature request tracker for specific feedback, and, for patches, we have ReviewBoard. Who knows, you may even find your name on this list in the future!

Also, check out our translations on FreedroidRPG's page on Transifex!

To make this the best game possible, any help and feedback is appreciated!

-The FreedroidRPG Team