Hello, and welcome to FreeDroidRPG's progress report for July and August of 2016!

We hope you had nice vacations and enjoyed the Olympic Games! We surely did, and this why we have a quite big changelog this time. As to not waste your time, we will only write the most important changes here:

  • Thanks to can-ned_food, jA NaM and Justin Johnson patches, many typos were and are being fixed.
  • Thanks to Miles, Iris will teach tux a new passive skill.
  • Thanks to Michael Mendelson, when you attack a bot, you'll fell like you're actually hitting a metalic object, instead of using a light saber.
  • Fluzz and Gregory Lozet are replacing static arrays with dynarrays. No more crashes because the game ran out of bullets!
  • Thanks to Matthias Krüger, now it's possible to limit max framerate.
  • Thanks to Gregory Lozet, bot corpses won't be colored when the bot died.
  • Thanks to Matthias Krüger, you won't be spammed by "game needs restart" anymore.
  • Thanks to Jesusaves, Droids from class 400s to 600s are now explained ingame.
  • Thanks to Jesusaves, Duncan sells you bigger bombs after you join RG.
  • Fluzz reworked and improved our 'title' interface. (Screens with only text and music) The code is also more reliable now, no accidental title skipping.
  • girix8 and Fluzz added voicing to some title screens, like when starting the game and upon defeat.
  • Translation updates.

Besides that, Fluzz also changed various codes to make the game more stable, and Jesusaves is preparing a special surprise behind the scenes for the next release. Do not miss it!

And now, we'd like to thank all contributors, and remind anyone who wants to become a contributor that they have many options: multiple ways to contact us, a handy bug and feature request tracker for specific feedback, and, for patches, we have ReviewBoard. Who knows, you may even find your name on this list in the future!

Also, check out our translations on FreedroidRPG's page on Transifex!

To make this the best game possible, any help and feedback is appreciated!

-The FreedroidRPG Team