Hello, and welcome to another FreedroidRPG progress report! It's been a long while without updates, as our brave devs have been fighting a siege of crazed bots, but a handful of brave messengers have managed to breach the enemy lines and bring us news of the drama that took place with regards to the game:

  • Jesusaves implemented different droid sensor types, allowing some droids to see the player even through the invisibility program. This represents a significant rebalancing of the later game stages, and a step in the direction of more varied and interesting enemies.
  • Work on translations by fluzz has continued, and now languages with wider character sets are properly supported. Thanks to Xenux, Matthias Krüger, Jesusaves, and allejok for their efforts to translate the game into French (FR), Czech, German, Portuguese (BR) and Swedish, respectively. Localization efforts are arranged by GiBy on Transifex - you can help too!
  • Scott Furry added automatic parsing and uploading of the game data to the wiki. This includes levels, droid types, NPCs, quests and ingame items. The task of maintaining the documentation of the game world has thus been lifted from the devs, who may now focus on running away from bots.
  • The lua bindings used in dialogs were improved and expanded, and now cover functions for NPCs as well as the player. By fluzz.
  • Xenux converted the management of skills to lua, increasing flexibility for content creators in defining the in-game programs the player character can execute.
  • The countdown for effects (such as paralysis, slowing and invisibility) can now be configured to appear on the Heads-Up Display, immediately above the player character (Tux). Thanks to Gregory Lozet.
  • fluzz refactored the sound engine, speeding up functions related to positional sound, adding fade-in, and refactoring the sound cache.
  • Amy de Buitléir added the Omega Island to the game world, accessible via ferry to the north of the town. What mysteries do the enigmatic denizens of this cryptic island hold? How do they fit into the violent chaos into which the world has found itself thrown? Even we do not yet know...
  • The graphics for the common 614 security droid were refreshed, enhanced and beautified, thanks to basse and Infrared.
  • Scott Furry constructed a tool to visualize the structure FreedroidRPG's dialog files, the Dialog Node Mapping Tool. As the game's plot unfolds, this tools is expected to provide writers a clearer view of the flow of the player's interaction with the story and the best direction to expand it. Graphs for the current dialogs can be seen here.
  • A bug was fixed involving the in-world mouse position not being updated after closing the dialog screen. This caused the unwanted reopening of dialogs due to too much clicking. Thanks to fluzz.
  • Text shown in the console area at the bottom of the game screen is now wrapped according to the entire width of the area. By fluzz.
  • Bullets can no longer be fired in the opposite direction to that the player is facing, thanks to fluzz.
  • Duon Khang Nguyen improved the game's automake system: third-party makefiles provided by lua (which comes bundled with the game just in case) are properly recognized and used by automake when building. Additionally, intermediate object files are no longer renamed by automake, preventing other issues with lua library linking.
  • Various enhancements and corrections to the game's dialog were made, by Xenux, Matthias Krüger, Kibergus, Jesusaves, Scott Furry and others.
  • Many performance and stability fixes and improvements, by fluzz, Matthias Krüger, Gregory Lozet, Xenux and others.

In total, 296 changes were committed since April, 2014.

And as always, we want to thank everyone who contributed and invite anyone with an idea, feedback or other contribution to contact us, open a bug or feature request ticket, or submit a patch to ReviewBoard and try your hand at bug-squashing. Who knows, you might even find your name on this list!

-The FreedroidRPG Team