This is FreedroidRPG's progress report for the months of March and April! Due to an unfortunate mishap involving digits, earlier we released a progress report from the wrong year, but everything's sorted now - these are a few of the notable changes that went into the game recently:

  • The main menu now contains an entry for Languages, giving access to the localization of the game; this concludes many months of continuous work by fluzz. We remind you that translation is happening over at Transifex, and anyone who wants to help can create a free account and start translating here.
  • Ammunition specifications were de-hardcoded by Xenux; this will ease localization for ammunition types, allow greater flexibility and make things simpler for developers and modders alike (in addition to paving the way to easier automatic wiki updates, a WIP by Scott Furry)
  • Gregory Lozet fixed an old bug that caused the game time to speed up after winning or losing the game.
  • Duon Khang Nguyen is working on improving the game's compilation process: the first submitted patch simplifies the build by preventing an unnecessary renaming of intermediate files, avoiding issues involving Lua library linking.
  • A corrupted waypoint connection in John's puzzle was found and fixed, thanks to Infrared and Matthias Krüger.
  • Xenux fixed two issues in the level editor: one that made selecting items on the floor challenging, and another that caused visual distortions under certain conditions.
  • Numerous improvements and optimizations were made to the game's engine, thanks to fluzz and Xenux.
  • Multiple changes and improvements to the game's dialogs were made, by Matthias Krüger.

All in all, 59 changes were committed in March and April.

And now, we'd like to thank all contributors, and remind anyone who wants to become a contributor that they have many options: multiple ways to contact us, a handy bug and feature request tracker for specific feedback, and, for patches, we have ReviewBoard. Who knows, you may even find your name on this list in the future!

-The FreedroidRPG Team