Hello, and welcome to FreeDroidRPG's monthly progress report for the month of October! Here are some of the highlights of what's been happening:

Programming department

  • The formula for calculating the chance of an attack to hit has been changed, solving the bug where the chance to hit would go over 100%. Thanks to Sebastian Offermann.
  • Damage is now calculated and applied to NPCs only when the weapon actually lands, greatly improving the feeling of the slower weapons such as the sledgehammer. By Bryan Conrad.
  • The game no longer crashes when loading an old or malformed save file. Thanks to fluzz.

Sound department

  • Arthur Huillet fixed a potential crash when playing a positional sound with an unknown emitter or listener position.

Writing department

  • A dialog loop with Duncan's quest has been fixed by Miles McCammon. Thanks to Starminn for reporting.
  • The strange end-of-game message that is shown after the game is won has been removed, by Bryan Conrad.
  • Francis now gives a small reward to the player, depending on how helpful the player was. By Xenux.
  • Countless more spelling, grammar and language fixes in all in-game texts, by Miles McCammon and Starminn.

Some of the smaller changes made this month:

  • The town guard that is supposed to escort the player around town now does his job properly, thanks to Sebastian Offermann.
  • A bug was fixed that caused a crash when an NPC couldn't find a waypoint. Thanks to Bryan Conrad.
  • Sebastian Offermann separated the settings of hacked bots, meaning each preference can be addressed individually.
  • Xenux fixed a bug with the stamina bar which would cause it to be longer than its frame.
  • The countdown for the takeover game no longer overlays Tux's head in low resolutions. Thanks to Bryan Conrad.
  • Innumerable small bugfixes, much polishing and many under-the-hood changes in all departments by all contributors.

All in all, 46 changes were committed during October.

We wish to thank everyone who contributed to the game, as well as to urge anyone with an idea, request, criticism, bugfix, or llama, to contact us, report a bug and maybe even submit a patch, and we will wash your llama for a nominal fee. Who knows, you might even find your (or your llama's) name on this list next month!

-The FreeDroidRPG Team

Disclaimer: There is no chance in the world we will actually wash your llama.