Welcome to FreeDroidRPG's monthly progress report for September! The developers are taking a well-deserved break, right after the busy period that was the Google Summer of Code, but we assure you we'll be back on our feet shortly and working hard on this great game to make it even greater! Some of the things that did happen this month:

Programming department

  • Xenux implemented a new formula to calculate the experience the player is awarded with for each level. It is explained in depth here.

Graphics department

  • The game is now properly able to fall back to non-atlas mode, thus allowing older graphics cards that don't fully support the texture atlas format to run the game nonetheless. Thanks to Józef Kucia for fixing and CB8 for reporting!
  • Each weapon in the game now has its own unique animation when wielded by the player. Thanks to Infrared.

Writing department

  • Starminn spotted and corrected some spelling and grammatical errors in the dialogs of Duncan and Tutorial Tom.

Mapping department

  • Matthias Krüger made several changes to the game's levels throughout the month to improve their functionality and appearance.

Among the smaller changes:

  • Item labels are now transparent and less obstructive. Thanks to Matthias Krüger.
  • A small (software) bug was squished that involved running out of memory in the sound cache, thanks to Józef Kucia for fixing and gorgonz for reporting!
  • A bug in the leveleditor that caused a crash when placing an enemy and confirming its default values was fixed, by Józef Kucia.

All in all, 19 changes were committed during September.

Once again we wish to thank everyone who contributed and ask anyone who has something to say, suggest, add, correct and fix to contact us, report a bug and maybe even submit a patch. You might even find your name on this list next month!

-The FreeDroidRPG Team