Hello, and welcome to FreedroidRPG's first monthly progress report! Here we will try to give a short summary of the most notable features that were added throughout the month, as well as notable bug fixes. Let's get started:

Programming department

  • A new way of commanding your army of take-over droids is available: Multi-Bot Broadcast. Now you can issue one command to all of your droids that are on the same map level, making management of a large number of bots much simpler. Again, thanks to Miles McCammon.
  • Pedro Arana added different item qualities: each item can come in either good, normal or bad condition.

Graphics department

  • Tux, the player model, has gone through a makeover, courtesy of Infrared: it is now taller, more handsome and more plump. Furthermore, new types of animations are now supported for different types of weapons.
  • A new droid model, the Lawnmower, was recently added. Though seemingly cute and benign, it is known to be quite ferocious when angered, so... Keep off the grass!

Mapping department

  • Slasher Mountains and the Worker mines, the levels south of the town, have been remapped by Xenux.
  • The swamp has been retouched and finished by Matthias Krüger.

Writing department

  • A new character, Will Gapes, has been added to the Hell Fortress with its own quest, by Kurtis Evan and Miles McCammon.
  • Kevin's lawnmower now has a quest associated with it, thanks to Matthias Krüger.

A multitude of other, smaller changes have also been made this month:

  • Breakable brick and glass walls (yes, we have that feature!) are now clickable and are highlighted when pointed at.
  • When the player is invisible NPCs will not initiate a converation, as well as when the player has already initiated a converation.
  • A materials tab has been added to the add-on crafting UI, specifying how much of each material the player has and how much is required to craft the add-on, by Pedro Arana.
  • C-net, the town's community network, is now horribly meme-aware. Don't be tempted to run any programs you might find on it, or you might never be given up... Thanks to Matthias Krüger.
  • Various performance improvements by Samuel Pitoiset.
  • A bug with the configure script that linked to a SDL_mixer library, even if it doesn't exist, was fixed, by Alexander Solovets.
  • Laser bullets are now faster (it is the speed of light, after all), by Matthias Krüger.
  • Many spelling and grammar errors, as well as other linguistic unacceptabilities have been corrected in the dialogs; thanks to Miles McCammon, Matthias Krüger, and JK Wood.
  • Many behind-the-scenes changes to make the developers' and contributors' lives easier.

All in all, 247 changes were committed.

That sums up February; we wish to thank everyone who has contributed, and urge anyone else who wants to change something to send a patch to rb.freedroid.org. Who knows, maybe you'll even find your name here!

-The FreeDroidRPG Team