A serious bug was found in FreedroidRPG 0.14, that would in some rare cases corrupt the savegames. FreedroidRPG 0.14.1 fixes this and improves Kevin's dialog.

Savegames from 0.14 will be compatible in most cases, but if you encounter breakage either on the map or when talking to Kevin, send the .shp and the .savegame by mail to this address to get it manually fixed.

The Microsoft Windows .exe file in the original package had a problem. The package has been remade and called _freedroidRPG-0.14.1_build2-win32.zip_. For those who downloaded the original package, an updated .exe file is available at the same place, it is called _freedroidRPG-0.14.1_build2-win32.exe.zip_.

Download FreedroidRPG.