FreedroidRPG 0.14 is finally out! FreedroidRPG 0.14 represents almost one year of work, as well as the contributions of three students as part of Google Summer of Code.

The following user-visible improvements have been made over FreedroidRPG 0.13:

  • Hacked bots can now be repaired, at a cost in circuits, heat and time. They can also be renamed.
  • Dialogs are richer, and a few mini text games were added.
  • One new quest was added.
  • There are more graphics than before (new weapons, new player animations, improved NPC animations).
  • Non-playing characters can now belong to different faction, each faction being friendly or hostile to each of the other.
  • Rendering quality was improved in SDL mode.
  • A new armor mechanism was introduced. The armor class defines a ratio of damage reduction. Very high armor classes absorb most of the damage.
  • Magical items have been removed, and replaced with an add-on system that is more realistic and more interesting to play with. This is the work of Ari Mustonen as part of his Google Summer of Code project.
  • Random dungeons have been greatly improved, and will now have more variation. This is the work of Alexander Solovets as part of his Google Summer of Code project.
  • The leveleditor interface was re-designed for more efficiency. This is the work of Samuel Pitoiset as part of his Google Summer of Code project.

Under the hood were done many improvements as well - bug fixes, performance improvements, code cleanups.

Savegames from earlier versions of FreedroidRPG are not compatible with version 0.14.