We are happy to announce FreedroidRPG 0.12. FreedroidRPG 0.12 represents 3 months of work and over 400 changes since the last intermediate release of 0.11.1.

We hope to get as much feedback and bug reports as possible so we can make sure 0.12 final is as good as possible.

There are many improvements and bug fixes since last release, the main being:


  • A Tutorial is now implemented
  • Completely new starting level that makes much better sense with the storyline
  • Big changes on old starting level layout
  • Totally remade entrance to Disruptor Shield Control Base as well as adding connecting sections inside the base
  • New music tracks


  • Cleaned up even more bugs in robot AI and path finding
  • Fixed some bugs in hit stun and chance to hit (hit% now actually corresponds to chance to hit stats)
  • Added Lua coding language to dialogues, greatly increasing the possibilities of rich and alternating content.

Level editor

  • Drag select area
  • Cut, copy, delete and paste area
  • Drag and drop movement (both area and single objects)

Note: Save games from 0.11.x are not compatible.