FreedroidRPG 0.11.1 is out. It is an intermediate release that fixes several bugs from 0.11, and introduces interesting new features in the engine. The maps have not changed significantly for gameplay.

Here are the most important modifications :

  • improved internationalization support
  • added two projectile weapons (AK47 and barrett sniper rifle), with complete graphics, courtesy of Whisnu aries
  • added ancient sword graphics courtesy of Laszlo Gy. Perger
  • support for a keychart with reassignable keys (press F1 while in game)
  • remove lots of useless (unused) files
  • handling more than 7 savegames now (load and delete game menus provide scrolling functionnality)
  • more updates on collision detection
  • fix the secret quest bug that marked the game as finished incorrectly
  • added new screen resolutions and fixed light radius for non 4:3 ratios
  • added a level validator to run some checks when doing mapping work
  • each hero now has a "backup" savegame that represents the last-but-one savegame. "load backup" in the game menu loads it.
  • level editor interface has changed for the better - now accessing the level editor from the game is only possible through a cheat key combination, and does not allow saving. Accessing the level editor from the main menu provides the "test level" feature that enables the user to test his level without screwing up the world's state.
  • emergency shutdown is now triggered when you are at near lethal overheating

Some mostly cosmetical map changes:

  • Kevins place exterior remade.
  • Area NW of town is moved N of Kevins place (has entrance to shield controll bunker).
  • Entire east edge of "world" is now towards a water front.

Note that savegames from 0.11 are not compatible with this version of FreedroidRPG. Sorry about this.

Download FreedroidRPG 0.11.1 now!