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This is a short term, detailed todo list of things that are currently being planned by developers. Coordinated by Arthur. Our bug tracker [1] contains bug reports and requests for enhancements. Do not hesitate to pick a task there. (Please note that picked up tasks show at the Review Board

See the OpenJobs page for larger projects which may not be being worked on at the moment.

We have a special section for post-Act development. If you are interested, enter in contact with us via IRC. Contact information may be found at Your help is appreciated.

0.15 Roadmap

* check Main/ArmorRules for consistency
* game end (hell fortress) Review Request: 2014
* OpenGL performance improvements (texture atlases for obstacles, multiple atlases for floor tiles, ...)
* Use the new glue system to improve colldet and lighting performance
* new HUD that scales better with higher resolutions and is more functional. Preferably if it's translatable.
* autoguns as bots
* clang-analyze only false positives remain
* valgrind errors and memory leaks

Engine improvements (code)

Technical enhancements

A list of specific points that could be enhanced is available here [2]

General, less relevant

* doors drawn over tux (minor and very difficult to fix, doable with Z buffer in openGL mode)
* redo repo structure. Some ideas: Repo Restructuring
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