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This is a short term, detailed todo list of things that are currently being planned by developers. Coordinated by Arthur. Our bug tracker [1] contains bug reports and requests for enhancements. Do not hesitate to pick a task there.

See the OpenJobs page for larger projects which may not be being worked on at the moment.

0.15 Roadmap

* check Main/ArmorRules for consistency
* game end (hell fortress)
* OpenGL performance improvements (texture atlases for obstacles, multiple atlases for floor tiles, ...)
* Use the new glue system to improve colldet and lighting performance
* new HUD that scales better with higher resolutions and is more functional
* autoguns as bots
* clang-analyze only false positives remain
* valgrind errors and memory leaks

Engine improvements (code)

Technical enhancements

A list of specific points that could be enhanced is available here [2]

General, less relevant

* doors drawn over tux (minor and very difficult to fix, doable with Z buffer in openGL mode)
* redo repo structure. Some ideas:
/lua (not in /src since external stuff?)
/m4 (whatever that is)
/data/sound/... (or /data/audio..)
/data/story(line) (for quests, events, foo)
/data/(storyline)/dialogs (for the dialogs)
/data/base or /data/code asset_/config ? (for the remaining files in /map )
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