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FreedroidRPG Installation

A version of this page is in the repository: check the INSTALL file. It's more up-to-date.

To build FreedroidRPG from source on a Unix-like system, you will use the "standard" GNU autotools way.

Building with autotools

1) Open a terminal.

   a) Via right click in some file browsers.

   b) Via main menu (usually "System" entry).
      Move to the FreedroidRPG source directory using "cd ./XYZ/" command. XYZ = path to the FreedroidRPG source.

2) If you are running a GIT version of the game, you will first need to generate the

   configure script by running:
   If you don't know what the GIT version is, you are not running it and can skip this step.

3) Run the configure script:

   You can check the options it accepts with --help.
   If you are running MAC OSX you will probably want to use ./configure --with-apple-opengl-framework
   During the configure process, the terminal may notify you that some software is required.
   Install the required packages and restart ./configure.

4) If ./configure finishes without errors or warnings, then proceed with building the game with:


5) Installation

   a) "make install" will install the game. The binary name is freedroidRPG.
      If you want all users on your computer to use your built of FreedroidRPG, execute "make install" as root.

   b) If you are working with the source tree and want to git update regularly we 
      recommend the following instead: 
      Do not issue "make install", instead, simply go to the src/ subdirectory, and run

Building natively in Windows

Native builds in Windows are easier than ever; check BuildingInWindows for instructions and a precompiled library package.

Cross compile for Windows with autotools

Provided you have a cross compiler installed and set up (see below for more details), use the following configure line:

$ ./configure --prefix=/path/to/the/cross/compiler --host=i686-pc-mingw32 --without-x --enable-nls LIBS="-lintl"

One critical point is to make sure you have all required libraries installed. You will need to have libogg and libvorbis for sound and music, and will need libintl and its dependencies to provide translation support.

The binary we ship supports all those features and is built with autotools. In special cases we may agree to sending you the complete cross-compiler archive so you can build win32 binaries easily.

If you have problems with the compilation/installation, please contact us : #freedroid on, or send a mail to freedroid-discussion AT

The guide above is taken from the INSTALL file. For the most up-to-date version check the INSTALL file.

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Page last modified on Sat, 06 Feb 16 22:54:05 +0000