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Welcome to FreedroidRPG's wiki!

This wiki is here to make developer lifes easier, and make much easier the ones who want become one!

Some probably useful links:

  • The FreedroidRPG To Do main page.
    • Here you can find a few things that us need, but the best way is, always, asking on the IRC Channel.
  • Updated documentation
    • The latest documentation!! Much more updated, but developers may think it more intersting, maybe?
  • User Documentation index.
    • There is the few documentation minded to users, and not to developers. There are some tips on installation, but this may be outdated.
  • Contact Us.
    • Ways of how contact the team, so you can warn us of bugs, make suggestions or even join on developer team!
  • Contribute to this project.
    • Few things (possibly outdated) that you can do for this project.
  • Project Page.
    • The sourceforge page.

This wiki is under maintenace, so there may be outdated and/or incomplete pages. Sorry by the inconvenience!

See the sidebar on the left for more. Thanks by using the FreedroidRPG wiki!

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