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Installing and using CVS under Windows

Getting a client program

You need to download and install a client program! Best get wincvs. It's a download of about 4 MB. You can look for the latest recommended release here:

Click the release. That should take you to some download dialog (select a mirror, then the download should start). You will get a zip file. The zip file should contain setup.exe. Click the setup.exe to install wincvs. Should be quite straightforward.

Starting CVS and logging into the Freedroid cvs server (pserver-based)

When WinCVS starts up, it will ask you for some home directory. Just select any directory that you have write permission for: In my case I use C:\Temp.

Figure 1: Selecting a home dir. This prompt should only appear on first starting up wincvs

First thing you must do is login to the cvs server. You can do this via the Admin menu as shown below:

Figure 2: Select Admin->Login

Now you need to set the login options. You need to specify the FreedroidRPG repository and the server and the login name. Please make sure that you don't forget or add any character, like a colon or something:

Figure 3: General Login Options

Now you should also make sure some global settings are correct. This is important, so that you don't waste a lot (>100mb) of extra bandwidth when doing the checkout later and also Unix line feed conventions should be used by default. So select the following options in the 'Global' section:

Figure 4: Global Login Options (Those are important for checking out too!)

You can now press ok. That should cause a password prompt to show up:

Figure 5: Just hit return or press OK

Since there is no password for anonymous cvs checkout, you can just hit the ok button without entering anything in the password field above. Do that.

Now if everything has worked as planned, and the login to the cvs server was successful, you should receive some "Exit status 0" message in the message window at the bottom, like this:

Figure 6: Exit code 0 indicates success and no errors

Good. Now basically you're ready for the actual checkout, as documented in the next subsection.

Checking out the CVS repository (first time)

You can do this via the 'Repository' menu option:

Figure 7: Select Repository->Checkout

Now that should cause some dialog window to pop up. You should check the module name. ATTENTION: IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THERE ARE SOME CAPITAL LETTERS IN "FreeDroid" LIKE SHOWN BELOW:

Figure 8: Select Repository->Checkout

Select the directory where you would like cvs to put your local working copy. This might be any directory. I use C:\Temp here, because that is the only writable dir on that Windows machine here.

Ok. Since you've correctly set the 'Global' options before (when doing the login), everything should be ready now. (Otherwise make sure the global settings are correct, see the 'login' section.) You can proceed to check out the repository. If everything is working, green file names should appear in the message window at the bottom and flash by. Like shown in the screenshot blow.

Figure 9: Green file names flashing by during the checkout... Good.

Lots of files need to be checked out, so this may take a while. Once it's done, you can go to the directory where you wanted your cvs repository to be put. There should be a (hopefully rather up to date) win32 executable freedroidRPG.exe in that dir now. You can try it out. If you later want to update your repository, cvs will only check out those files that have changed, so you can save a lot of bandwidth over downloading full releases from now.

Further reading and SSH based access

So far we've only used the pserver based access to the cvs repository. That is ok to check out a rather current repository. Only 'rather' current, because the pserver based checkout is based against the cvs backup server of the Sourceforge and that might be up to 24 hours behind the other (ssh based) cvs server. Well, for most purposed this will be ok.

At this point you can already send in patches (or your modified files) to some other developers via email, so they can put the changes into the cvs. If you want write access to the cvs server, then you must

  1. Be a member of the project, i.e. have a Sourceforge account and that account must have been added to the 'project member' list of Freedroid. (Just ask me to do it.)
  2. Install SSH on your machine and make WinCVS work with the SSH, so that you can access the ssh-based cvs server of the Sourceforge and directly commit your changes.

Fortunately, the Sourceforge has been so kind as to document in every detail and with even more screenshots than I did how to install SSH on a Windows machine and also how to make WinCVS work together with the SSH package. The documentation of the Sourceforge on exactly this matter can be found right here:

Of course you are not left alone when running into trouble. Feel free to contact us any time regarding these issues, either on the mailing list or (if you're lucky) on the irc channel or also via icq.

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